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How is The List of Homes Sent to Buyer leads?

Lists of homes are sent to leads via emails that are part of the lead's assigned funnel.

Boldleads has pre-created Funnels added to all new accounts (like yours). By default, those Funnels include the Buyer Link to a list of your properties. You can, of course, change this at any time by updating one of our Funnels or creating one of your own.

Example of the default Buyer Funnel and when the lists are sent:

Exclusive List Follow-Up Funnel

Lists of homes are sent 7 times throughout the Exclusive List Follow-Up funnel over the course of 10 months.

  • Email 1 - Immediately
  • Email 4 - 3 weeks
  • Email 6 - 4 months
  • Email 8 - 6 months
  • Email 9 - 7 months
  • Email 10 - 10 months


Email Example:

(Email 1 in the Exclusive List Follow-Up Funnel is sent immediately when a lead is generated)



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