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Why Is My Buyer Link Not Working?

Buyer Links giving you grief?

Your Buyer Links are either generated directly from your MLS Provider or your website. In some cases, your MLS may expire them after a certain period of time or your website has undergone changes.

Updating your Buyer Links

First things first!  Start by clicking on the link.  Sometimes a simple click is all they need to be reactivated.

If clicking on the link doesn’t reactivate it and the link is still invalid, it’s most likely expired and you’ll need to create a new Buyer Link with the same criteria.

Read through our article on generating your Buyer Link for detailed instructions on creating and obtaining your Buyer Link.

Once you’ve created your Buyer Link, add it to the corresponding Buyer Link field in your Account. IMPORTANT! BoldLeads uses only the "list of all homes for sale in your target city:" as part of your advertising campaign. The other fields are only if you are running multiple Funnels.

Navigate to the Buyer Links tab and update the 'list of all homes for sale in your target city:' field.



Saving the new link will update the link anywhere it is used across the system automatically. A pretty sweet deal, right?


Still need some help? Check out the Setting Up Your Buyer Account article for more detailed instructions.

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