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Setting Up Your Buyer Account

Welcome to Boldleads!

By now, you should already see that we’ve set up your Boldleads Account, Funnels, Landing Pages and Ad Campaign.

Before you can successfully launch your first campaign, you need to setup your Buyer Link.

What's a Buyer Link?

By completing your Landing Page, Leads are requesting a list of homes for sale in their area. Your Buyer Link is used to generate that list. A Buyer Link is a search link from your MLS account or personal website.

Important! Your website needs to have a home search capability/IDX.

How to set up your Buyer Link in Boldleads:

Option 1: We’ll do it for you!

  1. Send us your website URL by submitting a ticket with us by clicking on the Help icon on your account. Remember, your website must have home search/IDX capabilities. Once we receive this information, we'll create the link for you and let you know when it's complete.

Option 2: Take the reins - Set it up on your own!

  1. Navigate to your website or MLS account.

  2. Conduct a search through your MLS account or through your website’s home search/IDX feature. Don’t worry about getting complex. If you search the way you usually do for a client - narrowing down available homes in your area by price range, status, type, and area … you’ll be good to go!
  1. To complete the Buyer Account setup just copy and paste the URL/link of the results page and send it to us by submitting a ticket through your account by clicking on the Help icon.

Need some additional help?

Learn more about Creating Buyer Links.

Reach out to our Client Care Team and we’ll walk you through this step. Teamwork makes the dream work! Reserve your meeting here by clicking on the following link:  

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