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How Do I Create Landing Pages?


Landing Pages are an important part of your BoldLeads system.

Once you start an Ad Campaign, your Landing Page will do the important work of capturing all of your prospect's information through an online form.

The BoldLeads Team typically sets up your Landing Pages for you. These include:

  • Default Seller
  • Default Buyer

However, you are able to set up additional Landing Pages for your own personal Ad Campaigns! For Free!  It’s important to note that the BoldLeads system only drives the leads to the Landing Pages that our team created.  Follow the instructions for creating a new landing page below:

Create Additional Buyer or Seller Landing Page

STEP 1:  Hover over the Landing Pages tab and click the option to Create Landing Pages.

STEP 2:  Select a category.


STEP 3:  Find the Template and click the Select Template button.


STEP 4:  Click the button at the bottom of the page labeled Next Page.


STEP 5:  Name your landing page (Only you will see this title.), choose a subdomain (This name cannot be changed once created), and add your Company/License Information.


STEP 6: Click the button at the bottom of the page labeled Next Page.


STEP 7:  You can optionally upload a background picture (1450px by 1000px required).


STEP 8:  Customize the headline on your Landing Page.  This will be the main headline such as "What's your home really worth?".


STEP 9:  Toggle any fields that you want to be required when filling out the Landing Page.


STEP 10:  Configure the additional settings for your Landing Page.


STEP 11:  Set A redirect website for when your lead submits the Landing Page (Optional).  This will take leads to the redirect website a few seconds after the Landing Page is submitted.


STEP 12:   Add any targetting or tracking pixels to the HTML Settings (Optional).  We do recommend adding a Meta Description as this is for search engines to find the page.


STEP 13:  Set the Funnel you would like the leads to start in and the default status.


STEP 14:  Setup your Lead Notifications by adding an email address or phone numbers.  


Step 15:  Click the button labeled Create Landing Page.


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