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How to Use Boldleads Widgets

The BoldLeads Widgets can help you drive more visitors to your business website.

The Widgets are pieces of HTML code that can be installed on any website that allows the HTML to be edited or customized.  

When you place a BoldLeads Widget on your website it displays an ad that directs visitors to your Landing Pages. Or, you can choose an ad that captures the Lead's information without even having to visit your Landing Page first. You decide which one works best with your strategy and place the code on your page! 

The Widgets are located on your BoldLeads Dashboard under Landing Pages tab.  Here are instructions on how to access and add the code to your website:

STEP 1:  Navigate to Landing Pages and then click on Widgets.


STEP 2:  A new page will display all the available BoldLeads Widgets. Next to the Widget is the code snippet.


STEP 3:  Copy and paste the code snippet for the Widget you'd like to use on your website.

STEP 4:  Add this code to the desired page on your website.

Also, you can have your website's administrator add the code. If your website administrator is adding the code, tell them which page to put it on (Homepage for example) and what type of Widget it is (toolbar or sidebar).

If you are having trouble with finding where or how to add the Widget to your website, please reach out to your Domain Provider such as GoDaddy, HostGator, Wix, etc. as every provider has different instructions or restrictions.

IMPORTANT! These Widgets are not compatible with Facebook.

Need someone to walk you through the process? Check out this video to see how to use BoldLeads Widgets to drive additional traffic to your Landing Pages:



Seller Widgets

These are the Widgets available for the Seller Account:





Buyer Widgets

These are the Widgets available for the Buyer Account:


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