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Can I Add Links to My Default Email Signature?

Yes! You can add links to your Default Email Signature.

It’s a great way to promote your website, your social media channels or some specific campaign you are running.

To add links to your signature, copy and paste the following code into your default email signature and then edit the text Your Website with the link to your website.

<a href="YOUR WEBSITE"> TEXT </a>

    For Example:

  •  <a href=""> Google </a>
  •  <a href="http://"> Free Home Values </a>

Keep in mind that simple signatures perform better.

  • We've seen a higher response rate with short but sweet messages.
  • We use simple, plain texts in our emails because some email servers will filter emails that contain extra or styled content. Sticking with plain text reduces the chances that a Lead does not receive the email.

Go to the following article to learn how to update your Default Email Signature: Click Here

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