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How Do I Restrict my Funnel Emails/Texts to Business Hours?

Don't want to send out automated messages too late or too early?

You can absolutely put a rule in place to only send your Funnel Email and Texts during certain hours. You can set this up in a few, simple steps:

STEP 1:  Navigate to your Account Settings.


STEP 2:  Set the times that you want messages.  IMPORTANT!  This only configures your business times but it still needs to be turned on in the Funnel.


STEP 3:  Click Save Setting


STEP 4:  Select the Funnels tab and click View Funnels in the drop-down options.


STEP 5:  Click the "eye" icon under the View column to the right of the funnel you wish to update.


STEP 6:  Select the checkbox in the upper, left-hand corner.  Only send between...



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