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How Do I Import Leads to Infusionsoft?

Boldleads has an API integration with Infusionsoft. Here's how to import your Leads into Infusionsoft.

Go to your Infusionsoft Account and grab your Subdomain Application ID and API Key (the Tag ID is optional.) Once you've got those two pieces, follow the instructions below to add the information into your Boldleads Account.

  1. Login to your Boldleads Account.
  2. Navigate to the Settings Tab.
  3. Click Connect Your CRM on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Locate the name of your CRM, in this case, Infusionsoft.
  5. Fill in the blank field(s), making sure they are complete and accurate.
  6. Select either "Transfer all Current and New Leads" or "Transfer New Leads Only."
  7. Next, locate the button labeled "Send Partial Leads to your CRM" and select YES or NO (above the save button).
  8. Finally, click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

What happens next? 

Boldleads will send the Leads to Infusionsoft.

Once a Lead has been transferred from Boldleads to Infusionsoft, a note is added to the Lead's Timeline under the Lead Profile View.

Important! There is usually a delay for our server to send the Lead information over to Infusionsoft. However, this process could take longer based on external factors outside of our network. 




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