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How Do I Resend a CloudCMA Report?


Some Leads may request to have their CloudCMA Report sent to them again.

There are two ways to resend Leads a CloudCMA Report. You can send it from the Lead’s Profile View or your CloudCMA Account.

Resend the CloudCMA from the Lead's Profile View: 

  • Login to your Boldleads Account.
  • Click on the Lead's name.
  • Click on the Send CMA tab in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Adjust the message if necessary.
  • Click Send Quick CMA.




Resend the CloudCMA directly from your CloudCMA account:

  • Login to your CloudCMA account.
  • Click the CMA Tab.
  • If you see your Lead's name here, click Edit and follow the screen to access the message and the report.

If you do not see your Lead’s name, create a report manually by clicking the green Create a new CMA Report button in the upper, right-hand corner.


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