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What Can I Do About the Quality of My Leads?

The majority of these Leads are not going to be "ready-to-list" or "ready-to-buy" prospects.

Most of these Leads are Sellers and Buyers who have indicated that they are considering selling and/or buying within the next 6+ months, and they need to be nurtured, provided with something of value, and convinced to use you as an agent. Within BoldLeads Funnels, Sellers can be sent a free CMA, while Buyers can be sent a list of homes available in their area. 

Many agents are used to Buyer Leads who are ready to go look at homes right away. Internet Leads are typically not ready to buy or sell right away. With Seller Leads, the Seller feels as though they are the stakeholders. They perceive that they are paying the agent the commission. The key is to make a great first impression and then consistently follow-up. Agents that build up a large pipeline of probable Buyers and/or Sellers, impress them, and consistently follow-up via email drips, phone calls, handwritten notes, and direct mail postcards are the agents that have the most success with internet lead conversion of any kind.

Keep in mind - Buyers buy houses and Sellers buy agents.

Following-up with Leads is not a one-time thing. It takes 5-7 attempts (on average) to reach a Lead via phone.

Every Lead should be:

  • Setup on a saved search through the agent's listing portal (MLS Portal, E-Alerts, Market Snapshot, etc).
  • Called until you have a real conversation with them.
  • Called immediately after being generated.
  • Setup on long-term (2+ years) email campaigns.
  • Setup with a reminder (to the agent) to follow-up at a given time, if they aren't ready to sell yet.
  • Sellers provided with a pre-listing package if they are serious (CMA, marketing plan, guaranteed sale program, testimonials, personal note, etc).
  • Buyers provided with up-to-date lists of available homes in their area.
  • Added to a mailing list to be sent direct mail.

Conversion rates depend on the real estate agent. The National Association of Realtors, NAR, says the average real estate agent will convert 1 to 3 leads out of every 100. Boldleads clients are not average. You have real coaching, lead generation software, and most importantly, an effective and efficient CRM that allows for ongoing lead engagement and conversion. Something your average real estate agent doesn't have.

Ultimately, it comes down to engaging your leads consistently.

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