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What Short Code Can I Use in My Emails?

Short Codes are really handy inventions! They auto-populate a Lead's information into a designated field. You can use them in the body of an email as well as text messages.

IMPORTANT!  The Short Code must be added to your email exactly as it appears in this article.  They are case sensitive and you must include the brackets.

Here is a list of the Short Codes available for you to use in your Funnel/Blasts Emails and Texts Messages:

  • [FIRSTNAME] - Lead’s first name
  • [LASTNAME] - Lead's last name
  • [NAME] - Lead's full name 
  • [EMAIL] - Lead's email address
  • [SHORTADDRESS] - House number and street name 
  • [ADDRESS] - Lead's full address
  • [CITY] - Lead's city
  • [ZIPCODE] - Lead's zip code
  • [SELLINGTIME] - Lead's selected selling time frame
  • [BUYINGTIME] - Lead's selected buying time frame
  • [BUYINGRANGE] - Lead's buying price range
  • [LANDINGPAGE] - Your primary Landing Page URL
  • [SOURCE] - Where the Lead came from

Short Code For Seller Subscriptions

[INSTANTVALUE] and [EPPRAISAL] tags can be used in monthly update messages showing the current/updated value each time if you'd like.

[INSTANTVALUE] Shows the instant valuation in this format:


For example, we use Short Code in the Funnel emails:


Short Code For Buyer Subscriptions

This same method is used for your Buyer Links.  You can also use the following Short Code for your Buyer Links:

List of foreclosures:

List of all homes for sale in your target city:

List of luxury homes for sale:

List of government-owned homes or HUD homes:

List of bargain-priced homes:

List of affordable homes:

Newly constructed homes:

Custom link #1:

Custom link #2:



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