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What Dynamic Tags Can I Use in My Emails?

Dynamic Tags are really handy inventions! They auto populate a Lead's information into a designated field. You can use them in the body of an, an email subject line, as well as text messages.

Here is a list of the Dynamic Tags available for you to use in your Funnel Emails and Texts Messages:

  • [FIRSTNAME] - Lead’s first name 
  • [SHORTADDRESS] - House number and street name 
  • [NAME] - Lead's full name 
  • [SOURCE] - Where the lead came from 
  • [ADDRESS] - Lead's full address 
  • [LANDINGPAGE] - Your primary landing page URL

Dynamic Tags For Seller Subscribers

[ZESTIMATE] and [EPPRAISAL] tags can be used in monthly update messages showing the current/updated value each time if you'd like.

Shows the Low, Med, High valuation in this format:

Low valuation: $100,000
Mid valuation: $150,000
High valuation: $200,000

Shows the Eppraisal valuation in this format:

Eppraisal valuation: $100,000

For example, we use Dynamic Tags in Funnel emails. 

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