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Why Does My Instant Valuation Page Have Blank Values?

Do you have blank values on your Instant Valuation page?

You’ve come to the right place.  There are a couple of reasons why the values may not be appearing.

The Instant Value database may not have values for homes in newer or rural areas.

An Instant Value may not always be available depending on the property address that your lead is checking on.  There are a number of reasons for why this might not be available such as a new development of homes, rural and remote areas, or just that the information has never been added to the database.  Unfortunately, we won't always know the reason for the Instant Value not being available for specific addresses.


What about my Lead?

We can’t leave them hanging! We recommend you call the Lead to provide the information.

This is actually a great way to get a conversation started!

Still having trouble?

Submit a ticket with us by clicking on the Help Icon in your account and we’ll take a closer look at the issue.


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