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Why Did I Receive an Email From an Email Address That's Not in My List of Leads?

Occasionally, a Lead will reply with an email address that is different from the email address they entered into the Landing Page.

You typically see this when:

  • A Lead has more than one email address and those forward to a primary email address.  
  • A Lead uses a specific email for online sign-ups to avoid giving out their "real" email address.
  • A Lead sets up their reply email address to a second (or even third) email address.

Here's an example to show how this might play out:

  • Your Funnel sends your Lead a "Thanks" email to 
  • The email is forwarded to the Lead's other email address  
  • The Lead replies from the email address

Should you change their email address in BoldLeads?

Yes. We recommend you go in and manually change the Lead's Email Address in your Account Dashboard.


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