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How Do I See What Emails Have Been Sent To My Lead?

Just like a traditional CRM, we document all of the Emails/Texts that your Leads receive. Reviewing the history of communication can help you have more informed conversations with your Leads. You can quickly see the cadence of communication under the Lead's Profile Timeline.

To access the Lead's Profile Timeline: 

STEP 1:  Navigate to the Leads View.

STEP 2:  Click on the Lead's name.

STEP 3:  A new screen will appear, displaying the Profile View.

STEP 4:  The Profile Timeline is located in the right-hand column.

Here are the different types of events tracked in the Lead's Profile Timeline:

  • The time and date the Lead was generated.
  • Any emails, text messages or CMAs sent.
  • Any changes in the Lead's Status or Funnels.

Quick Tip! We display the communication in chronological order. So, the newest event is at the top. 



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