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How Do I Add Leads to My Account?

Leads come in from a variety of sources. Many are generated online, but you may also source Leads from events or other activities outside of Facebook Ads and Landing Pages. Boldleads lets you upload Leads manually into the system so that you can assign them to a Funnel build your pipeline.  

Have a CSV or a large number of leads to add?

The BoldLeads Team handles large volumes of Leads, and we’re more than happy to import Leads into the Dashboard for you!

Please click here for the next steps or ‘detailed instructions’:  How Do I Import Leads?

How to Manually Add Leads

STEP 1:  Select Leads -> View Your Leads.

STEP 2:  Select the "+New" button located in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.


STEP 3:  Fill out the short form and click Add Lead.


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