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Why Aren't My Leads Importing Into My Other CRM?

Your Leads may not be imported into your CRM because your Settings may be outdated. 

Please check your CRM Connection settings to ensure that:

  1. There are no blank spaces before or after your information.
  2. All required information is complete.
  3. All required and requested information is correct such as API Key field is used in the API field and not an email address.

If the setup has been active and has stopped working, you may need to take additional steps.

The first step is to review the "Connect Your CRM" or "Email Routing Settings" in your BoldLeads Account. Under your BoldLeads Settings, make sure that all information is updated, complete and accurate.

Here are some additional reasons the information may be missing and may need updating:

  • Some other systems won't allow for duplicates leads, double check that the lead doesn't already exist in your other CRM.
  • If multiple individuals have access to your account, they may have removed the information.
  • Occasionally, a CRM may change the information required for connection. If this is a global change with one of the CRMs in the Settings Tab, the BoldLeads Team will usually reach out via email to notify all clients.  

Please reference these instructions to set up a CRM Connection or Routing Email: Click Here 





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