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How Do I Change My Landing Page Funnel?

It’s easy to change the Landing Page associated with a Funnel!

A little background first: By Default, your Landing Page is connected to a Funnel. That means that all Leads coming from the corresponding Landing Page are automatically assigned to a designated Funnel.

Occasionally, you may want to change the Funnel associated with a Landing Page. Follow these steps to edit your Landing Page Funnel:

Step 1:  Click Landing Pages > View Landing Pages.

Step 2:  Click Edit to the right of your Default Landing Page (or whichever landing page you’re currently using).


Step 3:  Click on the button labeled '3. Settings'


Step 4:  Scroll down to the Funnel Settings section.

Step 5:  Use the drop-down menu in this section to choose another Funnel.  You can also update the default status here as well.


Step 6:  Click Update Landing Page.

That’s it! You’re Landing Page and Funnel should be good to go. If you’d like to be sure it works, test the form with your own contact information.


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