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Why Is My Lead's Funnel Turned Off?

There are four reasons your Lead's Funnel is turned off: 

1. The Lead's email bounced back as undeliverable.
2. The Lead unsubscribed from the Funnel emails.
3. All messages from the Funnel have been sent.
4. The Funnel was manually turned off by a user.

How to determine why your Lead's Funnel is turned off

  • The first step is to look at the specific Lead to find out why their Funnel is off. 
  • To access a Lead's Detailed View, click the Lead's name.




Unsubscribe / Undeliverable

  • If the Funnel is off because the Lead unsubscribed or the email bounced back as undeliverable, a message will appear in the Lead's timeline. 
  • If it's a bounce back (undeliverable), you will need to update the Lead's information with the correct email address. Once you've successfully updated their email address, you can restart the Funnel.




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