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Why Is My Lead's Funnel Turned Off?

There are four reasons your Lead's Funnel is turned off: 

  • The Lead's email bounced back as undeliverable.
  • The Lead unsubscribed from the Funnel emails.
  • All messages from the Funnel have been sent.
  • The Funnel was manually turned off by a user.

How to determine why your Lead's Funnel is turned off

STEP 1:  Access a Lead's Detailed View by clicking the Lead's name.

STEP 2:  View the Lead's Timeline or History for a system generated note:




Unsubscribe / Undeliverable

  • If the Funnel is off because the Lead unsubscribed or the email bounced back as undeliverable, a message will appear in the Lead's timeline. 
  • If it's a bounce back (undeliverable), you will need to update the Lead's information with a valid email address. Once you've successfully updated their email address, you can restart the Funnel.




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