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How Do I Redirect My Leads to Another Page?

In Boldleads, you can redirect Leads to another page or website after they submit their information on a Landing Page. 

Important! US Clients - We do not recommend you use a redirect with Seller Campaigns that are set up with an Instant Valuation/Zillow Template (#20 is the default Landing Page Template). The Lead will skip their Instant Valuation Results and go directly to the redirect page instead - not what they signed up for!

Follow these instructions to add a redirect:

     1. Login to your Boldleads Account.

     2. Navigate to Landing Pages and then View Landing Pages.


     3. Click the Edit button on the right-side of your Landing Page (the pencil icon).


     4. Click on the third button labeled "3. Settings" to access the Landing Page Settings.


     5. locate the field to redirect to another page.


     6. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click Update Landing Page.


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