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How Do I Redirect My Leads to Another Page?

In BoldLeads, you can redirect Leads to another page or website after they submit their information on the Landing Page. 

IMPORTANT! US Clients - We do not recommend you use a redirect with Seller Campaigns that are set up with an Instant Valuation/Zillow Template (#63 is the default Landing Page Template). The Lead will skip their Instant Valuation Results and go directly to the redirect page instead - not what they signed up for!

Follow these instructions to add a redirect:

STEP 1:  Navigate to Landing Pages and then View Landing Pages.


STEP 2:  Click the Edit button on the right-side of your Landing Page (the pencil icon).


STEP 3:  Click on the third button labeled "3. Settings" to access the Landing Page Settings.


STEP 4:  Locate the field to redirect to another page.


STEP 5:  Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click Update Landing Page.


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