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What's a Lead Source?

Where Did My Lead Come From

A Lead Source is a common term used to describe the channel from which the Lead is generated.

Understanding and tracking your Lead Source gives you insight into which campaigns and channels are working better than others. When you're analyzing the results of your Lead Source, it's also important to take into consideration the content. In some cases, it could be the content that's driving the results.

In BoldLeads, you can view the Lead Source in the Source column located in the Your Leads.


There are four types of Lead Sources:

  • Facebook: These are Leads coming from the Ad Campaign managed by the BoldLeads Marketing team.
  • Google: These are Leads coming from your Search Ads Campaign.
  • Direct: These are Leads you generated organically, or without any paid marketing efforts. 
  • Other: These Leads typically originate from Facebook via a mobile browser. Mobile browsers don't include a source tag. It can also indicate a source other than Facebook.
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