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Why Am I Not Receiving Leads?

You're all set up. You're ready to go!

So ... where are my Leads? Let's get to the bottom of this!

If you're an Existing Client, please scroll down.

New Clients

If you are new to BoldLeads, it does take several days before you will start receiving Leads. There are two types of Campaigns: Buyer and Seller. Each Campaign has its own timeline.

Seller Campaign: Normally, it takes between 24 - 48 hours after the account has been set up for Leads to arrive. 

Buyer Campaign: Normally, it can take between 24 - 48 hours for leads to arrive, but this will be delayed if we do not receive your Buyer Links in a timely manner. In order to start a Buyer Campaign, you will need to create Buyer Links. You can learn how to set up your Buyer Links here. 

Existing Clients

If you've been with us for a while and you're not receiving Leads, you'll need to investigate which of the following issues you might be having: 

Account Status

  • The credit card you have on file may be out-of-date or invalid. If your payment was declined because your credit card is no longer valid, our Billing team will make 6 attempts to contact you (3 phone calls, 3 emails). If we are unable to reach you, your account is put on hold and you will not receive Leads. 

Natural Lead Fluctuation

Leads do not necessarily arrive daily. (Oh, how we wish they did!) There is an ebb-and-flow to lead volume based on a variety of factors — seasonal trends, oversaturation, or competition from other advertisers (even non-real estate related).

Ad Campaign Cycle

Ad Campaigns are set up on a monthly cycle and tend to follow a "bell curve." At the beginning of the ad cycle, the Campaign starts off slow and builds momentum towards the middle, before slowing down again towards the end.

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