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Can Leads See My Cell Phone Number?

Leads do not see your personal cell phone number. So, what do they see?

Each BoldLeads Account is assigned a number based on the area code you provided when you first created your account. From there, we assign each account a unique number. That number will appear on any text message that is sent out from a BoldLeads Funnel or Marketing Blast.

You can see your assigned SMS Number under the Settings Tab on your BoldLeads Dashboard.


When a Lead Responds

If a Lead replies to a text message or calls back, the reply will be forwarded to the Primary Number on your account. The Primary Number can be found and updated through the 'Account Settings' on your BoldLeads Dashboard.

How to Change your Primary Number

Need to change your number? There are a few things you should know first:

  • You can change your Primary Number.
  • The Primary Number should ideally have the same area code.
  • To change your Primary Number, submit a Support Ticket to the BoldLeads Team.



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