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Import Follow-Up Guide

Looking for ways to engage and follow up with your import lead databases?

Below you will find our team’s recommended tips, scripts, and best practices on the best ways to implement the BoldLeads system with Leads from other sources!

Assign Leads to a Funnel!

Assign imported Leads to a designated funnel to begin sending follow up, and establishing a relationship with the Lead!

How Do I Reassign Or Disable A Funnel For A Lead?

Schedule a Marketing Blast!

These one-time messages are great for sending current market updates and changes, scheduling your weekly or monthly newsletters ahead of time, blasting exclusive promotions or services that leads can benefit from, and more!

Email and text SMS blasts can be set up at any time under the Marketing tab in your Dashboard. You can choose to send a Blast to all leads or a custom group of leads!

Learn How to Create An Email Or Text SMS Blast

Not sure what to say in your Blast?

No worries, feel free to review some of our Text SMS and Email Content for suggestions!

Lead Conversion Resources





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