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BombBomb: How Do I Include BombBomb in an Email?

After connecting your BombBomb account to BoldLeads by adding your BombBomb API Key to the Settings page of your BoldLeads account, you can send a BombBomb video in an email to your lead from your BoldLeads account. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to the lead profile page you wish to send a BombBomb email to and select the Send Email option.



  1. Next, click the BombBomb button to see the option to insert a BombBomb video in the email to the lead
  1. The BombBomb box that appears will show two options, one to record a video or two, to select a previously recorded video from your BombBomb video library.


(The image below showing the option to record a new BombBomb video to send in an email)



(This image below showing the option to choose a BombBomb video from their video library to send in an email)



After choosing the desired option for sending a video by recording a new video or choosing a one of your previously recorded videos, you will see the code for the video inserted in the email box for the video as seen below.  The lead receiving the email will see the actual BombBomb, video not code.



Select 'Send Email' to send the email to your lead.


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