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BombBomb: How do I change the BombBomb video in a funnel email?

After creating a funnel email that includes a BombBomb video, you can always choose to change the BombBomb video at a later date.


To change the BombBomb video in a funnel:

  1. Select ‘View Funnels’
  2. Find and select the funnel you wish to edit
  3. Find and select the specific funnel email that includes the BombBomb video you'd like to change
  4. To change the current BombBomb video, delete the current BombBomb video code
  5. Then select the BombBomb icon to add a new video to the funnel.
  6. Record or select the new BombBomb video you'd like to use and click "Save this Message"




(Example of removing/editing a BombBomb in a email funnel )



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