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What are the details about the 2,500 texts allotment?

How will I know if I'm approaching the 2,500 allotment limit?
You will be notified via a pop-up and an email when you are within 20% of the 2,500 allotment limit and when you have reached or surpassed the 1,000 allotment. 

How is the 2,500 allotment tracked?
The 2,500 texts allotment is based on your subscription billing cycle. The 2,500 allotment with start over at the start of each billing cycle. 

Is the remaining text allotment balance left at the end of a month rolled over to the next month?

Will funnel texts be sent even if I surpass the 2,500 allotment?

What if I want to use more than 2,500 texts per month?
You can purchase additional text message credits under the Account Settings tab of your BoldLeads account.

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