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What's Two-Way Texting (inbox)?

You already text back and forth with your leads, now it can be done from your BoldLeads account!

BoldLeads can automatically record the history of your Texts, so you’ll know exactly where you are with each Lead when you're in your BoldLeads Account. 

From the Two-Way Texting page in BoldLeads, you can quickly reference a Lead’s BoldLeads profile, use templates, and even use emojis! You can also sort Texts, filter Texts, and see deleted Texts. This makes the management of your Text conversations, and Leads in general, really easy and saves you a lot of time!

You're able to see the messages you send from your BoldLeads account on your cell phone - just like if they were sent from your phone.

You're also able to see the messages you send from your cell phone to a Lead in a Two-Way Texting conversation in your BoldLeads Account. They'll be posted in both the Lead's profile timeline and on the Inbox. 

You can start a Two-Way Texting conversation with any Lead, at any time! 

(Two-Way Texting is in addition to the current Texting features in your Account - like Texting Leads from their Lead profile, adding a Text to a Funnel, or scheduling a Mass Marketing text message to be sent.)



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