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How Do I Assign Partial Leads To A Funnel

Partial leads are not automatically added to a funnel because they may or may not have entered all of the requested contact information.  They will need to be moved to the LEADS VIEW by clicking the Green person with plus sign icon to the right of the lead.  

Then a funnel can be assigned.  Here is a link to a help center article with the steps to assign a lead to a funnel: How Do I Reassign Or Disable A Funnel For A Lead?

How to Assign a Funnel to a Lead

Where the partial lead starts on the funnel, depends on the trigger type for that specific funnel.  A funnel will have one of these two triggers:

  • Completed Form = Leads will receive the next message based on the lead generated dated
  • Manually Enable = Leads assigned to the funnel will always start receiving the messages at the start of the funnel 

If you assign a lead to a funnel with a completed form trigger, they will receive the next email as if they have been assigned to the funnel from the date the lead was generated. 

If the lead is assigned to a manually enable trigger, the lead will always begin at the start of the funnel.

If you would like to create a specific funnel for your partial leads click here:  How To Create A Funnel

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