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How Do I Assign Partial Leads To A Funnel

Partial leads are not automatically added to a funnel because they may or may not have entered all of the requested contact information.  They will need to be converted to a Full Lead by clicking the Green Person icon to the right of the lead.  


Then a Funnel can be assigned.

We have designed a Funnel specifically for your Partial Leads.  Depending on your account the Funnel name will appear as:

  • Seller Campaign:  Partial Leads Funnel - Sellers
  • Buyer Campaign:  Partial Leads Funnel - Buyers

The funnels mimic the messages Full Leads are assigned.  However, the initial messages have been updated to address a lead that did not complete the Landing Page series.  As always, we encourage you to review the Funnels first before using them. 

Click here to learn: How to Assign a Lead to a Funnel


The Funnel is set with a Manually Enabled trigger.  Which means once the lead is assigned, it will start at the beginning of the Funnel.

If you would like to create a custom Funnel for your Partial Leads click here:  How To Create A Funnel


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