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How Do I Send a Text to a Lead?

Some leads prefer email but others will only respond to text messages!

At BoldLeads, we give you the option to send an Email or Text message directly from the Lead's Profile. Here's how to send your Lead a Text message in just a few simple steps:

STEP 1:  Navigate to the lead's profile from your BoldLeads Dashboard.


STEP 2:  Select send text from the actions box. Choose to use a template or type the content of the message directly into the text field. 

STEP 3:  Click Send Text.

STEP 4:  That's it! The text was sent to your lead! The text message activity is then automatically added to the Lead's Timeline.


IMPORTANT!  All texts are sent from the automated phone number assigned to your account. All replies and calls will be forwarded to the primary phone number on your account. You can find both your primary and automated phone numbers on the main page of the Settings Tab in your BoldLeads Account.

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