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How Do I Filter Leads?

Filters are your friend! Filters narrow down your Leads by certain tags and ultimately make it easy to find contacts faster. Let's look at how Filters work in the Boldleads System.

Your Lead table is located on your Boldleads Account Homepage. 

When you click on the Filter Options, several tables will appear showing you the available Filters, which includes: 

 Agent  Type
 Indicator  Status
 Selling Timeframe  Agent Activity
 Funnel  Source
 Date Created  Last Touch
 Landing Page  Funnel Status


Choosing one or more of these Filters narrows down the leads displayed on your list of leads. The Boldleads System automatically defaults the view back to view all leads every time you log in. 

Here's a step-by-step look at how to Filter Leads: 

1. Click Filter Options to show filter options.

2. Filter Options will appear.


3. Select how you'd like to Filter your Leads. You can use multiple Filters at a time. 

4. Click Filter Results.

5. The final view should only show the Leads that fit the Filtering criteria you selected. Don't forget, the next time you log in the Filter Options will default back to All Leads. 

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