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How Do I Import Leads?

Importing leads into your Boldleads Dashboard is easy! There are two options when it comes to importing your Leads:

  1. When you have a large number of leads.
  2. When you have just a few leads.

Importing a Large Volume of Leads

The Boldleads Team handles large volumes of Leads. Follow these steps to complete your lead import:  

  1. Create a .csv file with your leads. 
  2. The .csv file should be formatted to include Name, Address, Email and Phone Number.
  3. Create a new support ticket using the Boldleads Support system. 
  4. Attach your .csv file.
  5. Our team will upload the leads into your Boldleads Account.
  6. Important Note! This request can take up to 48 hours.

Importing a Few Leads Manually

You can import a few leads into the system manually; without having to go through the Boldleads Team. Follow these steps to import leads into the Boldleads System.

1. Hover over the Leads tab and Select Import Leads.


2. Select the CSV file from your computer and click the Import .CSV File button.


3. Map the fields in a lead's profile with the columns from your file.

4. If you'd like, automatically add a note or assign a Status, Funnel, Type, or Agent to your newly imported leads.

4. That's it! Once you've hit the import button, your leads will be uploaded to your account. Be sure to check your inbox for confirmation that your upload is complete. 

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