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How Do I Import Leads?

Importing leads into your BoldLeads Dashboard is easy! Whether it be a large or a small number of leads, below you'll find the steps outlined to best assist you!

Are you Importing a Large Volume of Leads?

If you have a large number of leads to add to the system, a minimum of 150+ contacts, our team is more than happy to upload them to your dashboard for you.

 STEP 1:  Open a new spreadsheet or Google Sheet.

 STEP 2:  Copy the Leads into your new spreadsheet. Please be sure to delete any extra columns and/or any unneeded information from the spreadsheet before saving! This will help our team speed up the Lead Import into your Dashboard.

 STEP 3:  Save the file as a CSV file(s).

 STEP 4:  Send the CSV file(s) as an attachment by submitting a ticket with us by clicking on the Help icon in your account or emailing the CSV to us at

Next Steps?...

Once you’ve sent the CSV file(s), the import process will begin 24 business hours after receipt. Depending on the size of the file, the number of files sent and server load, some requests will take several days to complete. However, rest assured we are working on your import.

A few things will occur once you’ve submitted the CSV file:

  • For each CSV file you’ve sent to us, we will send a confirmation email once received by our team and an additional confirmation once successfully imported into your BoldLeads Dashboard.
  • Our team will create a Custom Status for each CSV file in your BoldLeads Dashboard, to properly label and record the Imported Leads. This Custom Status will be labeled using the name of the spreadsheet.

Are you Importing Only a Few Leads?

You can import a few leads into the system manually; without having to go through the BoldLeads Team. Follow these steps to import leads into the BoldLeads System.

STEP 1: Hover over the Leads tab and select Import Leads.


STEP 2: Select the CSV file from your computer and click the 'Import .CSV File' button.


STEP 3: Map the fields in a lead's profile with the columns from your file.

STEP 4: If you'd like, automatically add a note or assign a Status, Funnel, Type, or Agent to your newly imported leads.

That's it! Once you've hit the import button, your leads will be uploaded to your account. Be sure to check your inbox for confirmation that your upload is complete. 

Looking for Ways to Engage Your Imported Leads?

Click here to review our recommended Best Practices for Engaging Imported Leads!

Import Follow-Up Guide

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